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Sign Modifications


The GM-DI lease agreement requires that all GM-DI signs remain on the dealership premises as installed by GM-DI. Modifications or alterations by a dealer are not permitted. Attachments to signs, their supporting columns or the electrical circuitry which energizes them, is strictly prohibited.

Contact your Zone Manager when your signs must be changed due to a change in the name of the dealership, the addition of a GM franchise, or when your signs must be moved to a new location or removed. Your Zone Manager will initiate the process to change GM-DI signs at your dealership.

Most changes to GM-DI signs are performed at no cost to the dealership. However, if you cause or allow a GM-DI sign to be changed without the prior approval of GM-DI, your sign will be restored to the original condition and the related cost will be billed to the dealership.